Where you are is not where you are supposed to stay.

I am constantly amazed at how uncomfortable it is for some people to talk about their spirituality. I believe it is one of the most important pieces of our lives. I have made amazing strides in learning more about my own spirituality, based on listening to others and their experiences. So, I wonder, why so many choose to ignore the subject of spirit.

First, we are taught that there is a right and wrong way to believe. This way of thinking instantly closes a door that is meant to be open. If we are constantly in the process of judging whether or not we like something, we won’t listen at all. I believe we are meant to evolve. The only way to evolve is to continue to learn, and to be open to what comes next in our journey. Try to drop the urge to judge. Try to avoid believing you are right. We have to be really careful when we think we know what God believes. I believe it is more humble and interesting to be open to different ideas, questions, and interpretations. You are here to evolve, to keep changing, to continue learning. Meditate, pray, be quiet, read, listen. And know you will always be growing.

You got this.

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