Election Fraud

I have acquaintances that seriously believe that Trump lost due to election fraud. I have been reflecting on why some people, who are smart and successful, think this way.

This election, the president started talking about election fraud a long time before election day. He specifically said that if he were to lose, it would be due to fraud and cheating. This has been a focal point for his followers: the only way he could lose would be if he was cheated.

The reason people believe there was election fraud is because Donald Trump said so. These people are not saying this based on the conclusions reached by judges. They are basing their belief on a single biased man’s belief.

50 states handle their elections per the constitution. They have election commissions in every county in their state, whose sole responsibility is to properly count, certify, and announce the results. There are legislators, at the state level who oversee the elections. These people are voted in as Democrats or Republicans. In the four swing states, Republican representatives claimed the elections were fair, and some had recounts. Then there are Republican and Democratic governors, or state commissions to certify the elections, and decide for whom their states are voting. Republican and Democratic governors.

There were approximately 80 legal challenges presented in a courtroom. There were judges, lawyers, and legal proceedings that addressed concerns about election fraud. Not one court, including the Supreme Court, determined a fraud that could change the outcome of the election.

If after this you believe the election was fraudulent, it is because you are choosing to determine that each of the elected officials and systems put in place are crooked. There is extensive documentation that proves how Donald Trump ritually lies without concern of consequence. It is questionable to place trust in him above a carefully vetted system.

Choosing one man’s opinion is not just wrong: it’s stupid.

If you believe in America, you must believe in the process put in place. The process can certainly improve to promote greater equality, and our leaders must start working on it now.

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