The “IT” Factor

We hear often of people having the “IT” factor, whether it’s a successful businessman, a promising young ballerina, a rock band, whatever and whoever, they have or don’t have it. We seem to know immediately.

So, let’s describe what it is.

Physically, what does the “IT” factor look like? Does someone have to be good looking? Not necessarily.

Does it require a degree? Not necessarily.

So, what are the qualifications?

First, the “IT” factor is a connection deeper than most of us are willing to feel. It is confidence expressed in every movement; a lingering feeling of importance and meaning.

A successful businessman will make their presence known as soon as they step into a room.

A professional athlete usually carries themself with grace and excellence.

A successful teacher or professor will be a relaxed and engaging public speaker.

And on and on.

These people are not perfect; they have faults just like the rest of us, they are human. So, what is the difference?

The good news is that we all have the “IT” factor within ourselves. “IT” is one of the sweet spots in our lives, where we connect to our own purpose, where we work from within, our belief in who we are and what we are doing in our lives is important. This factor doesn’t have to do with what others think of you; it is 99% what you think of yourself and 1% blind luck.

So, consider these questions:

What do you bring to the table of life? What is your purpose?

How is the world better because of you? How can the world be better because of your contributions?

Think about this; your “IT” factor is in the answer.

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Connecting with your purpose in life requires courage because doing so means you are responsible for creating it for yourself.


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