On Finding Meaningful Connections

How do we go about creating meaning in relationships?

We have a relationship with everyone we come into contact with, even if it is a brief connection, and we all know when we come into contact with a truly meaningful relationship.

You get what you put in. Period. If you want support, you have to be supportive. If you want to be loved, you have to be loving. The reason relationships end, simply, is because essential needs are no longer met.

The first step in a successful relationship is to identify your needs and communicate them clearly to the person you are with. Then ask yourself: why should someone want to be in a relationship with you? Are you kind? Thoughtful? Do you listen? Do you make a positive difference in their life?

These questions extend to your professional relationships. Meaningful connections are incredibly fruitful, specifically within work. 

For example, years ago, I interviewed for a job. On the way in, I chatted with the security guy downstairs. I found out he was from New Jersey, just like me. When I arrived upstairs and met the receptionist, she smiled.

When I met the manager for the interview, he said I came with high recommendations. I was confused, because I hadn’t even handed him my resume. Apparently the receptionist was friends with the security guard I’d chatted with, who had called to say that I was a nice guy. To the manager, that was more important than anything on my resume. He hired me on the spot without looking at it once.

So, that one minute I spent creating a meaningful moment with the security guard turned into a job. This is all our life consists of: hundreds of relationships and points of contact. Make sure you leave a good impression, everywhere you go. You never know who is going to notice.

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