My Personal Guide to Spirituality

I’ve always considered myself a guy’s guy. I’ve had a good career, a family, close friendships, I love sports, and I know what it is like to get lost in the business of just being, well, a guy’s guy. 

In the end, there wasn’t much room left for spirituality. For me, spirituality for some time was a bit out of reach. I’m a dude from New Jersey, I grew up going to church, but I wasn’t necessarily connected to my own spirit.

With time, I learned that in many ways we are divided into the mental body, the ethereal body, and of course, the physical body that contains the first two.

Meditation is something I have used to train my mind. The clearer the mind, the clearer the thoughts, the clearer the emotions, the clearer the actions. For you, meditation might look like taking a walk, sitting somewhere beautiful. Or, perhaps, you find spirit in prayer. Whatever you do, keep it, hold it, and don’t let it go.

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