Inner Peace

My team and I created The Wheel of Purpose because I experienced how organizing and moving toward meaningful areas of my life can be incredibly powerful.

People have told me that they made some positive changes in their life, inspired by our message. This is all I hoped for.

As for me, I continue to work The Wheel. On January first I decided to participate in a daily podcast about the Course In Miracles. I am on lesson 18, which to me is a celebration because I often start things and do not keep them going.

During this time, I stumbled over something that caught my eye: “The most important work you do in your life, is what you do internally.”

Life is not about money or material things: it is about the compassion, empathy, kindness, and love we show others. Living is learning and combining our minds with our experiences. If you investigate how to reach inner peace, you will be guided to exactly the right place you will need to begin. It could be a book, a podcast, or a course. Whatever you stumble upon when you start searching with the intent to learn more about yourself will be meaningful.

What we search for will find us someday, no matter what. Why wait until you are on your deathbed, full of regret for the relationships you could have made better, or all the years you lived being unhappy when you could have chosen differently?

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