How To Be Powerful

Before you leave the house every day, do you ever set an intention to establish how you want your day to go? I lived on a sailboat for a year. One day, I was walking down the dock towards the parking lot, when I stopped and looked at the beauty of the water, the sunlight on the big beautiful yachts, and the blue sky. I had a surreal moment: God is with me all the time. I experienced this amazing feeling of gratitude, for all the beauty. It was like a postcard. All-day long I reminded myself that God was with me. I felt peaceful.

Many times, because of that day and how I felt, I decide on something to think about throughout the day. Sometimes it’s: “I will be kind all day”, or, “today I will be grounded in gratitude”.

Give this a shot. You will feel incredibly powerful. With that power comes empathy, peace, confidence, and most times, really good things happen.

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