Do you make a difference?

I remember when my dad was dying. For the first couple of days, he was 100% present and clear. The next few days, he slowly drifted in and out until he passed. For better or worse, I was his nurse. When I first saw him, he grabbed my collar and demanded I tell him how long he had left. The doctors had told me he had six days, but I didn’t say this. I did say that if he lived six weeks it would be a miracle.

From that moment forward, he relaxed into a sense of contentment. I saw it and felt it. We talked about a few things he regretted, but he moved on. He was quick to apologize to people who came to visit him.

My father was content because he led a good life. He had ups and downs, but he was always the nicest guy in the room. He could make conversation with anyone. He was always the first to welcome a new neighbor or member of a club.

Until he died, he made others smile, laugh, and feel welcomed. He wasn’t perfect, but he made a difference. I firmly believe that if there is a heaven, kindness is the way in. Make a difference in the lives of others. You know you’ll feel the difference when it is your time.

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