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Establish and identify your sense of purpose over the course of 8 weeks. Each session will be dedicated to deepening a different part of your life, with the goal of striking balance and creativity.

What You'll Learn

In order to improve something about your life, the first step is to identify what is working and why it is working. If you love your job and feel fulfilled within your career, it’s because you’re good at establishing a goal, showing up, keeping up, and moving forward. The second step is to look at what could work better, and why it could work better.mMaybe you love your job but you wish you had more time to spend with your loved ones. Maybe you see your loved ones all the time, but the quality of time you have with them could be deeper. Maybe you're an excellent listener but you have a hard time listening to yourself. Throughout our 8 weeks together we will comprehensively assess where you are at, where you want to be, and establish a weekly plan on how to get there.

Throughout the class, you will be joined by others from all walks of life. This will create a supportive group atmosphere that will hold each individual accountable to the goals they set, and create a network of people with whom you can connect with and share ideas.

At the end of the 8 weeks, you will emerge with an integrated perspective of your life as a whole, and establish a clear path toward the next steps you can take to further deepen your relationship with yourself and others.


About Your Instructor
Dan Burrell

Dan is the founder of the Wheel of Purpose, a project created to support and assist those who seek a clearer understanding of their purpose. Drawing on his extensive and varied career in the army, as an actor, and as an entrepreneur who opened more than 150 Jersey Mike's franchise locations on the West Coast, Dan developed the Wheel of Purpose project to assist others in formulating the connection we all have in creating our own magic, leading to a happier and more balanced life.


What is Your Purpose?
Set Aside Eight Weeks to Answer this Question

You will work with a cohort of peers from all over the country who are discovering their purpose alongside you.

You will be held accountable to each goal you establish on a weekly basis.

You will take regular time to reflect on your life, choices, and aspirations.

You will be actively encouraged to deepen important personal and professional relationships.

You will be actively encouraged to take close care of your physical and mental health.

You will have both broad philosophical discussions as well as specific actionable ones, with the intention of improving your life on an individual and collective level.

You will decide how to make an impact.

When You're Done

You will have spoken to a friend from high school you haven’t talked to in years. You will have spent a lot of time really thinking about what you want to do next, career-wise. You’ll have the first steps of a plan. You’ll be more aware of your body. Over the course of eight weeks you will have devoted eight hours to engaging and building self-understanding with like-minded people. This in itself is transformative, as are the personal insights that come throughout the process.

Course Details

Class 1

The quality of the relationship with the people you love and value most is essential to a balanced life. Are you present with your children, or are you too tired when you get home from work? Do you and your partner spend enough quality time together? These are the questions we will focus on as we delve deeper into relationships and how they impact us.

Class 2

For some, this might look like taking walks in solitude. Some of us also struggle with depression and anxiety, and even sometimes have a hard time visualizing a future. Throughout this class, we will identify the different ways in which we can attend to our mental and emotional health.

Class 3
Professional Life

Your work is how you make your money and a massive part of how you spend your time. That’s why it is especially important that you are constantly moving in the direction of your professional purpose. Go for that promotion. Or start looking for other jobs and other opportunities if you are unhappy. Whatever you do, keep moving. In this class, we will figure out how.

Class 4

Maybe you attended church or a mosque or a synagogue; maybe you believe in one god or many. Being spiritual, though, is only about you. It has nothing to do with anyone else. In this class we will talk about the different ways in which we access and manifest spirit.

Class 5

Are you breaking a sweat every day? Is your body moving enough? How’s your diet? Do you sleep well? Do you wake up feeling rested? When is the last time you got a physical? Literally every other part of the wheel is contingent on your body’s well-being. The better you feel, the better you feel. It’s as simple as that.

Class 6

What are the things that you do purely because they bring you joy? How much time in your day do you dedicate to finding a creative flow that makes you feel excited, like a little kid? In this class we will be talking about the importance of play and the ways in which play unlocks peace and purpose.

What You'll Get

At the end of the 8 weeks, you will have delved into different areas of your life and you will have a clear understanding of the next steps you can take to further deepen your relationship with yourself and others. You’ll have engaged with a supportive community of peers who are invested in your and their growth. You’ll have the resources and contacts necessary to take the next steps in finding your purpose and living an inspired life.

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