Achieving Goals

Creating a goal goes hand in hand with creating a life we want. Unfortunately, many of us fail to attain our goals. Part of the problem is we aren’t clear on what it will entail to achieve them. Losing weight is a common goal people have, especially as they get older. So, let’s say someone wants to lose fifteen pounds. How do they get there? 

The following process helps one reach many goals, by the way, not just physical ones 🙂

The first thing you have to do is outline exactly where you are now, and where you want to be. When you are working toward a goal, every hour, day, week, and month can count. All that matters is that your goal is clear. 

Your path to success begins the minute you choose this goal. Once you have it in mind, you can break it down into smaller goals. 

The key thing here is for you to only set goals you can achieve. Back to the physical goal: for example, you won’t lose fifteen pounds overnight. But what you can do overnight is decide to walk half a mile the next day. And then again the next day, and the next one, until you walk two miles, three, four, etc. This exact mindset, when applied to anything, will at least get you started. And that’s the most important thing when setting goals: you have to get started.

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