A Commitment to Run

As part of my commitment to the physical health section of the Wheel of Purpose, I recently began to run. The idea is simply to move your feet, so I committed to running 4 miles per day. As soon as I made this commitment, I immediately noticed how obstacles seemed to spring out of nowhere. The very first night, my foot started to hurt. I felt the pain as soon as I woke up the next morning. Of course, I considered skipping the run, but I decided to try anyway. I told myself that, at the very least, I would get dressed, go outside, and take a few steps. I could always go back inside if at that point I felt unsure. Unsurprisingly, once I got outside, I felt far more motivated than I did from bed. I ran, returned home, and bought better running shoes. Over time, the pain in my foot dissipated. Interestingly, the fact that I committed to run made me invest in the well-being of my feet. It has been three weeks, and I have not missed a single day of running. My mind feels clear first thing in the morning, and I can start the day knowing that I have already taken good care of my health, my body, and my spirit. Think about what you want your commitment to yourself to be, each morning. Do you want to sip tea quietly while you watch the sunrise? Set an alarm. Do you want to write? Make sure your notebook is laid out the night before. Spend the first thirty minutes of the day focused on yourself, and you’ll see how rich the quality of your life will become.

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