Have you heard of the 3-6-9 manifestation method? Nikola Tesla, one of history’s greatest inventors, said: “If you knew the magnificence of 3-6-9, you would have the key to the universe.” Before Tesla died in 1943, he discovered and patented the rotating magnetic field. He was brilliant and talked about 3-6-9 in-depth.

I read about it a couple of times and decided to look into it further.

The concept is straightforward: every morning, write three affirmations. The affirmations must be written in the present tense, for example: “I am in a healthy and loving relationship,” or: “I take excellent care of myself and others.” In the afternoon, you write your affirmations six times. Then, in the evenings, you write the affirmations once more, nine times. Do this every single day. 3-6-9.

In ten days, I have experienced quite a bit of movement in my life, through these affirmations. There is something transformative about putting the intentions on paper, again and again, and again. It gives us the opportunity to clarify what we want, to ourselves. With this clarity, anything is possible. I will be practicing the 3-6-9 method for the next 45 days. I will share my results when I reach the other side. I encourage you to go read about it. Then move forward, write, and let go. You will start shifting. Be open to what the universe gives you. Go get it.

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